Green Card Dashboard

Powerful reports and analysis to help you track your progress towards your green card

Your personal dashboard to help you keep track of activity around YOUR priority date!

If you have started your employment-based green card application process, you can now keep track of your progress towards your green card more effectively than ever before. Stay in touch with approvals and denials of other applicants and be fully aware of the latest processing trends at all times. Personalize your dashboard with your own priority date, category, chargeability, etc, so you always see information relevant to your case. All dates and numbers shown below are for illustration only.



With advanced green card reports, you can do all of the following:

  • Keep track of green card applications filed close to yours
  • See how many trackitt applicants are ahead of you
  • Easily see who's getting approved, who's getting denied, who's getting RFEs
  • See the most advanced approval and denial reports
  • Follow monthly and daily approval trends
  • Receive regular email updates on latest approvals
  • Receive email alerts when priority dates near yours get approved
  • Participate in a forum for applicants with similar dates as yours
  • See breakdown of pending applications on trackitt by category and country
  • Compare performance of USCIS service centers (Texas and Nebraska)
  • And finally... enjoy a superior user experience with almost no ads!